Our Story and Values

"Making an Everlasting Impact"

I began my career with one focus in mind, to establish Trust from others while making a positive Impact, an impact that is Everlasting.  With all the different facets in the financial industry, I have learned to be Excellent in what I do and to make a deep impact in others financial lives.  It is imperative to be great at what I do and do my best to "live life" with clients in order to make an everlasting impact.

In 1998 I was introduced to the investment industry working for a small family owned investment firm.  It was there I developed a passion for the financial services industry and investment management.  A few years later in 2002 I sharpened my investment skills working for a large bank trust company only to return to a smaller-based independent financial firm in 2008. Maintaining client relationships throughout their financial journey and the ability to make an everlasting impact in their lives maintain my primary focus.  As a result, in late 2019 this was the start of EverImpact Wealth Management, LLC, to serve families in a deep relational and meaningful way, "Making an Everlasting Impact".

Doug Evernham, CFP®
Founder and President